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After Everything You Did by Stephanie Sowden

Publication Date 07 04 22

It ends with a car crash. Two women, both maimed, their long blonde hair matted with blood. It begins with waking up, in an unfamiliar hospital bed. Bright lights, nurses – and handcuffs.

She is told her name is Reeta Doe, and that she’s been in an accident. That she’s in Florida. That the FBI have been following her since Mississippi. That she has brutally murdered two women. College girls, who look just like her. Two more are missing, and one survived.

Reeta recalls nothing. She cannot answer the questions; all the things they want her to explain are no more familiar to her than the prison she is taken to. Her only hope is a journalist named Carol, who can follow the trail of devastation Reeta left in her wake.

All the way back to Pine Ranch, and the only family she ever knew.

Five Star Review

A truly heart breaking tale that disrupts the crime genre.

Sowden creates prose so rich with atmosphere that reading is a truly immersive experience. it played out like a film in my mind. I could feel the dusty heat, the solitude and confusion. And reeled from the descriptions of the horrific murders. But was sweet and innocent Reeta really a murderer? The thought was chilling. But with all the evidence from the FBI - that could be the only conclusion.

Flashbacks woven expertly into the narrative reveal Reeta’s past secrets. Depictions of a religious cult are especially unsettling and raw, yet you are transfixed by the imagery. Such accomplished writing that its power, gripped me. So many threads in the incredible story telling that held me captive.

An impressive crime novel that intelligently explores the concept of nature versus nurture. Are we born bad or made that way? And if the latter who is to blame? This is surely to win awards and be optioned for film or TV soon.

You will be left haunted by Reeta’s story.

Perfect for fans of Girl A and The Girls. Click on the image to buy.

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