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All My Lies by Sophie Flynn

Publication Date 23.04.21

Anna wants to escape.

She doesn’t know when her marriage to James began to feel like a trap or when he became so controlling. All she knows is that she needs to leave before it’s too late.

And she has a plan.

When Anna reconnects with her childhood sweetheart, Sam, she sees it as the answer to her problems. Finally, they’ll have a life together, like they’d always planned – the life she was meant to have.

But the lies are catching up with her . . .

On the morning of their escape, Sam goes missing. Anna knows he wouldn’t leave her, that something must have happened to him.

Her search for answers will force her to confront her past, something that she has been running from for a very long time . . .

Perfect for fans of Louise Jensen, Phoebe Morgan and K.L. Slater, this is a twisty, tense psychological thriller about one woman’s hunt for the truth and her ultimate fight to break free.

Five Star Review

Sometimes when you are watching a film something happens and the audience applauds. It's a rare occurrence, a physical response to a story you have become emotionally invested in. It isn't rehearsed or organised it just occurs, the emotion hijacking you into a reaction. All my lies caught me in the same powerful manner.

Reading this book, I thought I had it all figured out but of course the twists and turns proved me wrong and the tension grew to keep me riveted to the plot.

Anna is someone we will all more or less know. Flawed, self punishing and trapped in the wrong relationship. She wishes to escape to the peace and safety of her first love. And that is where we get our first blow and I hated it ( in a good way). Why did he have to disappear and take her escape route away? There are many lies to discover along her journey to the truth and not everything is as you first think.

As for James well I was never quite sure about him. He was very mysterious and intrigued me throughout. A well written character that perfectly balanced the story with menace but that left me questioning how bad he really was. Was Anna just exaggerating because she wanted to flee?

Sophie crafts believable characters and a thrilling plot. But she also perfectly captures the essence of a small seaside town in Cornwall. It makes me want to sit in the harbour with a ninety-nine.

I can really see this as a TV drama, people would love it.

PS. I adored the acknowledgements - so full of love ( except for one which made me laugh)

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