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How We Got to Today by Ben Ellis

Publication date 24.9.20

How can you find love, when you've lost sight of yourself?

Sheridan doesn't know what he looks like. There's nothing wrong with his vision, it's just that he's the only person in the world who can't see his own face.

Despite this, he has it all going for him - a good job as an optometrist, a nice home, and a wonderful girlfriend. All until Heidi, totally out of the blue, dumps him.

And to make matters worse, not only has she broken his heart, but she's disappeared. Distraught, Sheridan begins to search for her, and ends up finding himself along the way. . .

This is a story about how sometimes it's the people closest to us that see us the best and, if we lose sight of ourselves, can tell us who we really are.

Five Star Review

Unique and Gorgeous little romance.

I was intrigued from the very beginning. How many times do you look in the mirror. Perhaps to check your lipstick? Maybe to check if you've got a spot? Or to check your face is clean And what about perfecting that selfie?

Sheridon can't do any of that because he cant see his face. And no one else knows. Imagine keeping that a secret. All the everyday things you would have to negotiate.

He meets Heidi and a gentle romance develops. He is nurturing and kind but she leaves him, just disappears from sight. He can't cope with that.

Becoming even more obsessed by the thought that she's left because its something about him, he tries everything to capture an image of himself.

But is that why she left him or is there something wrong with Heidi, herself?

A lovely romance both sad yet gorgeous.

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