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I Know What I Saw: A perfect memory. A perfect murder. by S K Sharp

Published 28.01.21

She remembers everything.

She understands nothing.

Only a handful of people in the world have a truly perfect memory. Nicola is one of them. It's more of a curse than a blessing - every moment of sadness, embarrassment and unhappiness is burned into her mind forever - so she plays it down, and tries to live a quiet life.

But a body has been found, a discovery that threatens to tear her community apart - and reopen old wounds from decades ago.

Nicola was a child, but she remembers the night with perfect clarity. Despite that, she never discovered the truth of what happened.

Now she must use her unique memory to solve the murder, or watch the man she loved be wrongly convicted of the crime...

Four Star Review

Loved the premise of this book - someone who has a photographic memory but can't remember one of the most important things. It was very interesting and made for a fascinating character.

The pace of the story was great and I loved hearing all the background to their present circumstances.

It definitely holds your attention and I read this very quickly as I was invested in finding out the truth.

A real page turner with lots of turns.

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