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Look What You Made Me Do by Nikki Smith

Publication Date 01.04.21

Two people can keep a secret . . . if one of them is dead.

Sisters Jo and Caroline are used to hiding things from each other. They've never been close - taking it in turns to feel on the outside of their family unit, playing an endless game of favourites.

Jo envies Caroline's life - things have always come so easy to her. Then a family inheritance falls entirely to Jo, and suddenly now Caroline wants what Jo has. Needs it, even.

But just how far will she go to get it?

Five Star Review

Sister rivalry. Dark secrets and hidden truths. All those little nuances in family life, the subtle power struggles, the who is loved more, observed so cleverly. What a fantastic book even better than All in her head which I loved.

Accomplished writing draws you deep into their world and the twists keep you hooked. I wasn't sure what to think and kept changing my mind about everything going on. Such a cleverly plotted book.

Even in families who knows what goes on behind closed doors.

Highly Recommended.

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