Magpie by Elizabeth Day

Publication Date 02.11.21

She has almost everything. The rest she'll take.

Marisa may have only known Jake a few months, but she has never felt this certain about anyone. When he asks her to move in with him and they start trying for a baby, she knows she has finally found the steadfast love and support she has been looking for all her life. But their relationship is tested when they take in a lodger, Kate, who has little regard for personal boundaries and seems to take an uncomfortable interest in Jake – as well as the baby they are hoping to have. Why is Kate so obsessed with the couple? And, more worryingly, why doesn’t Jake share Marisa's concern? In her determination to find the answers, Marisa risks losing everything she holds dear…

Five Star Review

Superb and devious. Throw all the stars at it.

The narrative had me engrossed from the beginning. My sympathies for Kate, Jake and Marisa were transient. Shifting all over the place as the book unfolded. One minute I'd be angry and up