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My Big Greek Holiday by Lisa Darcy

Publication Date 30 07 2021

Will she get more than a tan?

On an all-expenses-paid holiday, Claudia Taylor jets off to glorious Santorini with her two best friends, Tara and Sophie. But when her simple task of handing over a flash drive becomes complicated, and the handsome Jack tries to romance her, Claudia’s holiday becomes less relaxing than she’d hoped.

Sophie, a former high-flying lawyer turned mother of one, is no longer sure what the future holds. Tara is toying with the idea of leaving her less-than-satisfying job to realize a long-held ambition to be a writer. After taking stock of their lives will they all find what they are looking for?

One thing is for sure, life will never be the same for Claudia and her friends after their much-needed holiday in paradise.

Five Star Review

Lucy's writing is gorgeous and lyrical. Full of instances that you immediately recognize because you've shared the same scenario's with your girlfriends. Although a light read with some real laugh out loud moments, there is a depth here that's often missing in the genre. Real problems we can relate to and a mystery and sense of danger that unfurls across the page.

Through accomplished prose we are whisked away to the beauty and sunshine of Santorini and Lucy depicts this so vividly. It reminded me of so many girly holidays but I am glad I never had an errand to run or ventured outside the tourist sections. Although it added a very clever edge to the narrative.

A fabulous portrayal of female friendships and all the intricacies of romantic relationships. Lucy has created characters that are flawed and realistic. Characters that we can believe in. Women we root for. Whilst all the time we keep an eye on their decisions and hope for a positive conclusion. Even the men kept me hooked to the page as some I hated and others I adored.

With crisp prose Lucy has created a novel reminiscent of Bridget Jones who always seemed to find herself in trouble. Will Claudia find her Mr Darcy and happy ending too?

Highly Recommended for fans of Womens Romance and Mystery.

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