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Siggy Loves Sausages by Brian Frederick

Publication Date 18 07 2021

Can Siggy Keep His Word? Will this sweet little sausage dog be able to resist his favourite tasty temptations, stay true to his pledge, and save a Big Birthday Surprise?

Join Siggy, as he learns about the happiness that comes from keeping promises, during his romp through a fast and fabulous adventure that takes him into the deep dark woods, where magic sometimes happens...

Book Tour Review

Not normally a reviewer of Children's picture books I took a chance on this because I thought my grandson might like it. And I am glad I did - even although it meant I had to read it to him over and over again.

Siggy loves sausages is beautifully illustrated and unlike some modern children picture books, there is a unique charm to how this is drawn. A richness in the details that means you'll always find something else to discover in the background after that first read.

My grandson adored Siggy and loved following his journey in fact he loved him so much that he got quite upset about him being turned into a hot dog. I had to explain that it was just a funny phrase and that it wouldn't actually happen to him. He was soon smiling again and parroting the phrase in the next read with a giggle.

Of course then we had conversations about how some people could hear Siggy talk but others couldn't. I do love when a book leads to discussions and it is especially relevant when its a children's book. Most of all however, I love how this book helps with the message of empathy for others and how we can be rewarded for kindness. I think that's particularly important for young children as they develop their characters. And I like the idea of being able to say "Hey what would Siggy do?"

Your kids will love little Siggy too. It's a really sweet and funny read.

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