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The Beresford by Will Carver

Publication Date 22.05.21

Everything stays the same for the tenants of The Beresford, a grand old apartment building just outside the city … until the doorbell rings…

Just outside the city – any city, every city – is a grand, spacious but affordable apartment building called The Beresford.

There’s a routine at The Beresford.

For Mrs May, every day’s the same: a cup of cold, black coffee in the morning, pruning roses, checking on her tenants, wine, prayer and an afternoon nap. She never leaves the building.

Abe Schwartz also lives at The Beresford. His housemate, Sythe, no longer does. Because Abe just killed him.

In exactly sixty seconds, Blair Conroy will ring the doorbell to her new home and Abe will answer the door. They will become friends. Perhaps lovers.

And, when the time comes for one of them to die, as is always the case at The Beresford, there will be sixty seconds to move the body before the next unknowing soul arrives at the door.

Because nothing changes at The Beresford, until the doorbell rings…

Five Star Review

I first came across Will Carver's books when I read Girl 4 back in 2011. I had never read anything like it before. I cried reading one of the poor victim's story - she was just lonely and bored and didn't deserve it. It made me think of my daughters and how easily such a thing might happen. Then the distinct voices of January and Eaves had me hooked. I bought it for everyone I knew. And I haven't missed one of his books since.

Since Girl 4 his books have become even more unique and like Marmite on toast, people seem to adore or hate them. Some say he has a cult following. I guess I must be a member because I have loved each and every one.

The Beresford is a dark stand alone thriller. As always you are never quite sure where his writing will take you. The narrative is stunning and tight with wonderful phrasing. Will makes you pause and contemplate his words, is he talking to you and your life? Or someone you might know?

Reviewers often state that his work is quirky and a little bit weird but I think that is off putting for potential readers and wouldn't use those adjectives. Instead think intelligent, unique and darkly funny. This one is more violent too. Although a lot of it is your imagination at work. He paints an outline with his vivid descriptions and your imagination colours it in.

An addictive story, The Beresford invites you through its paint peeled doors and like the building it won't let go. Wonderful storytelling and compelling characters that you can't take your eyes off.

Until your slapped out of your trance by one of Will's chapters or a twist you didn't expect. I love that - love when a book snaps you out. The powerful prose in The Beresford reaches the reader in such a way that you aren't only immersed in the story but emotionally connected to the thoughts. It doesn't just wash over you but lingers for days. So expertly crafted and fresh.

I must mention Abe. Thank goodness my daughter has never brought him home. But then again maybe she has and we were just lucky. He is such a wonderful character to read, creepy and sinister but some how I felt sad for him in the end.

I could go on and on but won't. Enter The Beresford if you fancy your chances but keep your head low, don't talk to anyone and make sure you are aware of the exit signs. I wonder what thoughts you will come up with at the end?

Highly Recommended

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