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The Lost Storyteller by Amanda Block

Publication date 08.07.21

Rebecca hasn't seen her father Leo since she was six. Her family never talk about him, and she has long since pushed him firmly to the back of her mind. All she knows is that, once upon a time, he was a well-loved children's TV star.

But when a journalist turns up uninvited at her office, asking questions about her once-famous father, Rebecca starts to wonder whether there is more to Leo's absence than she realised. Then, looking for answers, she unearths a book of fairy tales written by Leo and dedicated to her - but what use are children's stories to her now, all these years later?

Tentatively, Rebecca tries to piece together her father's life, from the people he used to know and her own hazy memories. Yet her mind keeps returning to the magical, melancholic fairy tales, which seem to contain more truth than make-believe.

Perhaps they are the key to unlocking the mystery of her father, the lost storyteller; to revealing who he was, what he went through - and even where he might be now...

Five Star Review

Are you ready to fall in love? Do you still believe in fairy tales? Have you lost someone dear to you? If the answer is yes to even one of these questions then please read this book. Every star sparkling in the night sky should shine their light on it.

Such accomplished prose, gorgeous settings, especially during the Fringe in Edinburgh and a narrative plot that is gripping. I had to find out what happened to The Lost Storyteller and I finished this tale in twenty four hours. From the beginning I was entranced by idea of the missing father and Rebecca's vulnerability. Would she try to find him or didn't she care? And why had her mother hid things from her?

When she was given a book of fairy tales that her father wrote and dedicated to her, I was spellbound. I loved each one of them and how very dark they were. So clever for Amanda to immerse us in the journey of trying to figure out the clues in them and to the truth of her father. I wanted Rebecca to quickly read the next one but at the same time I was enjoying her journey and didn't want to leave that either.

As I read on, I could feel emotion building within me, slowly at first then more steadily. Then suddenly a few lines of the most beautiful text broke me and I crumbled into tears. Not because it was sad. but because it was beautiful. Honestly, I had to take a pause reading just to collect myself. How amazing that Amanda has the skill to evoke such powerful reactions in a reader. A true and rare gift. I am in awe of her talent and of this book. Its beauty will break your heart.

The Lost Storyteller is about love, about the magic of storytelling and the power of our imagination. Full of hope, strength, forgiveness, romance and funny too at times - it really is very special.

I strongly suggest you buy it.

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