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The One Hundred Years of Lenni and Margot by Marianne Cronin

Publication Date 18.02.21

Life is short - no one knows that better than seventeen year-old Lenni Petterssen. On the Terminal Ward, the nurses are offering their condolences already, but Lenni still has plenty of living to do.

When she meets 83-year-old Margot Macrae, a fellow patient offering new friendship and enviable artistic skills, Lenni's life begins to soar in ways she'd never imagined.

As their bond deepens, a world of stories opens up: of wartime love and loss, of misunderstanding and reconciliation, of courage, kindness and joy.

Stories that have led Lenni and Margot to the end of their days.

The One Hundred Years is a celebration of life, hope and kindness. The perfect read to shine a light on dark days.

Five Star Review

Exquisite and heart breaking. A tale of friendship and love.

I simply adored all the beauty in the One hundred years of Lenni and Margot. Their stories take us back into their past which are set in very different times. I was just gripped by the narratives. I wanted to know all there was about these two women - one young - one old.

A wonderful journey that made me cry, laugh and wish for much more. How terrifying and sad for her to be in such a situation.

Such a beautiful story with truly magnificent characters that will touch your heart.

Highly Recommended

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